Use A Keurig Coffee Maker To Easily Brew A Single Cup

By Christian Anthony

Do you have a passion for coffee but only want a single cup now and then? Well there is now a great solution for you. A company called Keurig now makes what they call k cups and k cup brewing machines. A k cup, or Keurig cup, is used with their brewers to produce a perfect cup of coffee that has no need for bean grinding or messy filters. With their unique system, the perfect cup comes out quickly and perfectly. As these keep growing in popularity, more and more coffee manufacturers are offering their product as k cups. High quality coffee brands are selling these now. Best of all there is nothing wasted when using these, and they are economically priced for everyday use.

For brewing single cups of coffee, you must use a Keurig coffee maker. These machines are made especially for this purpose and a regular coffee maker will not work for this job. The two most purchased models of a Keurig coffee maker are the Keurig B60 and the Keurig B70. When using these makers, there are three to five settings for brew strength depending on the model purchased. For easier transportation and travel, there are even mini versions available for sale. All of these are easy to clean and make great tasting coffee.

The best price for these can be found online when purchased in boxes or cases. This way you can get a great volume discount. A case contains four boxes and each box contains about 24 k cups. The savings are great when compared to buying small amounts at the grocery store. By purchasing your coffee this way, you may enjoy it every day without spending more at the store. When you calculate the price per cup when purchased in bulk, it works out to about fifty cents a cup. It can be a great way to save money on anything by purchasing in bulk.

Many other terrific beverages are sold as k cups also. These include tea, apple cider, hot chocolate, and pumpkin spice drinks. Kids will love these on a dreary winter day. The whole family can make use of the Keurig machine even if they do not like coffee.

Some of the more popular brands include Green Mountain, Gloria Jean's, Caribou, and Dunkin Donuts. Because each k cup contains its own coffee grounds sealed in its container, they will not go stale when purchased in larger quantities like coffee normally would. When you open a large bag of ground coffee, it may go stale if it takes you a long time to drink it. This is not the case with k cups because each is individually wrapped. Every drink will be delicious and fresh.

One final advantage of these drinks is that you can easily travel with them. Whether you are taking a small trip and want a coffee maker in your hotel room or you are just taking a small drive, it is easy to take these with you. Keurig machines do not make a mess for you to clean. To find the best price k cups per serving, look online for discount stores and enjoy your drinks.

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