Make Life Easy With An Automatic Coffee Maker

By Carl Reid

In the past, all of my coffee from instant crystals that I could just stick in hot water in the morning. I tend to sleep late, and a heavy sleeper, not inclined towards the morning hours which my job requires me to keep, so it is best if I can just roll out of bed, but on some water, and throw the crystals into it to heat.

I had not even considered an automatic coffee maker at the time. Why bother getting up early and listening to the painfully slow plunking of the automatic drip coffee maker as it slowly made my desperately needed coffee one drop at a time? Why bother with the measuring of ingredients, which an automatic coffee maker requires.

It seemed to me like I would always have too much coffee or too little, and then would have to deal with the leftovers later. But with instant coffee, I could have exactly how much I wanted right away. I figured that an automatic coffee maker just would not be worth the trouble.

My attitude changed when, one day, I was running late for work. Not only did I have to get up and rush around, but also I had another mishap to further mess up the flow of my already lousy morning; I was out of instant coffee. I barely had time to stop by the local coffee drive-thru and get myself a hot cup of joe brewed from their automatic coffee maker.

I was absolutely amazed. The coffee made by automatic coffee makers was simply so much better than what I had been drinking at home. There was just no comparison at all between the two, and that's a fact. I went out that day and bought myself an automatic coffee maker after work, and have been happy with it ever since.

The ease of instant is just simply not worth the loss in taste that you get through not using an automatic coffee maker. And, if you really must sleep to the last second (and you know who you are out there) you can always just go on and do what I do: brew up your automatic coffee maker the night before and then leave it sitting, keeping it hot all night.

Your coffee will still taste just as good, and best of all, there it is waiting right there for your drinking pleasure when you wake up in the morning. It is a wonderful solution. And if you like a really strong caffeine injection, you can find automatic espresso makers too.

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