Gourmet Dark Chocolate For The Kids At Heart

By Kristen Knapp

Cacao beans, the main ingredient in making chocolates, has been grown in different countries including Mexico and South and Central America for three millenniums. In order for it to become a chocolate, first it was picked, shelled, roasted, fermented and dried for the flavors to come out. Gourmet dark chocolate is popular for many occasions than giving pure milk chocolates.

This candy is not that sweet compared to a milk candy and it was also the least favorite of the youngsters because it has a small amount of milk. There are several health benefits from eating the darker ones.

There is a substance that has been discovered by the researchers called flavonoids present in the dark chocolates. Flavonoids act as an antioxidant to help reduce the effect of free radicals when digesting the food. It can also lower the cholesterol and the blood pressure.

They say that the darker chocolates have an anti depressant effect when eaten. That is why many of the people eat chocolates whenever they are sad, alone, lonely or brokenhearted. Scientists say that it also fight UV rays to make the skin healthier and more glowing.

Gourmets are made by mixing any ingredient into the chocolate. Many internet stores are presenting their own version of gourmet sweets. You can have them packed in an elegant box when you purchase assorted sweets. Fruits are always used in this kind of matter. Raspberry and the darker ones have an equal taste when they are infused with each other. The raspberry is not too strong or too light to taste. The Cookies n Cream flavor is a best seller. Almost all know what this flavor taste like. Cookies n Cream has a smooth outer crust covering the filling inside.

Jalapeno and Mints are different flavors with an interesting taste. Have you ever imagined that jalapenos can be used in this kind of treat? The darker ones were mixed with real jalapeno pepper and ones you have tasted this, you will keep buying for more. The mint was a famous flavor since the early days. It has a smooth spotted green outer shell and it has mint chips inside.

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