Eat Sweet Homemade Ice Cream With Krups Ice Cream Machine

By Claude Kenwood

Ice cream is a frozen dessert most, if not all, of us craves for. But why? Amongst the many famous faces that love ice cream are movie superstar Jackie Chan, music icon Elvis Presley, and US President Benjamin Franklin. As such, it is very interesting to know the science behind people's craving for this frozen dessert. Also, with the popularity of ice cream, it is also fascinating to learn how to make homemade ice cream using ice cream makers such as Krups ice cream machines.

People love ice cream-this is what statistic show. According to studies, people love ice so much that product demands does not have to be crated. Also, USDA statistics results show that 98% of all US households eat ice cream and that it is the number one desert snack in US. In 2005, sales of ice cream amounted to $21.7 billion. It was also estimated that a person eat 6 gallons of ice cream per year on average. Furthermore back in 1984, President Ronald Reagan declared the month of July as the National Ice Cream month, which proves how popular ice cream is even before.

As seen, people love ice cream whether it maybe homemade using Krups ice cream machine or purchased from ice cream parlor. But why? According to studies people's preference of foods over others depend largely on a combination of taste and texture. Studies show that most people prefer foods that start off solid and melt in the mouth. People love creamy sensations which the case for most chocolates and ice cream. Amylase is another reason behind people's craving for ice cream. This amylase is a saliva enzyme that breaks down starch-a type of carbohydrate that comprises about 60% of what people eat-into liquid. Thus, what determines people food preference is the ability to quickly break starch down which is much faster in food types such as ice cream.

In order to satisfy our cravings for ice cream whenever we feel like eating some, learning how to make homemade is cream is the solution. Nowadays, making homemade ice cream can be done in many simple ways. One method that can be use in making homemade ice cream is the freezer bag method. This is best for making individual servings of ice cream that are to be eaten promptly after having a full meal. This method requires only mixing of sugar, milk, and flavoring in a bowl then sealing the mixture in plastic bags. Next step is to place the sealed bag in another bag that contains ice and salt mixture. Finally, the bag should be shaken, massaged, and agitated until solid ice cream is formed.

Ice cream makers such as Krups ice cream machines are practical to use if planning to make large amount of ice cream. Using these is best and easiest way to make homemade ice cream. In addition, ice cream made form ice cream machines have a smoother texture and are creamier. With the ice cream machines, making homemade ice cream is not only made easy but also exciting and enjoyable. At present, there are lots of ice cream machines available in the market. There expensive ones, which are technologically advanced such as those electric version and there are also more affordable ones which price are $50.

Finally, craving for ice cream is naturally embedded in our systems and learning how to make homemade ice cream is very much helpful in satisfying our cravings for this frozen desert. Making homemade ice cream whether through freezer bag method or with the use of Krups ice cream machine is not just a process that helps us gratify our ice cream craves but also is an experience that we can enjoy.

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