Dark Chocolate Truffles Then And Now

By Amalia Buchanan

Dark chocolate truffles are types of confectionery candies that are created with a cocoa ganache filling in the middle and coated with sugar on the outside. In the case of dark chocolate, the outer layer is made of bitter sweet candy. These sweets are often formed into a sphere or circular shape.

The inner filling can consist of caramel, berries, or fruits. Some are filled with liqueur, cream, or almonds. Others fill their sweets with nougat, assorted nuts, marshmallows and toffee. Some cocoa sweets can also be filled with mint and biscuits and fudge. You can also make your own original filling if you make your candies at home.

These candies look like fungus shaped sweets hence are called truffles. Fungi sweets are a delicacy and a prized cooking ingredient in France and other European countries. These fungi are like mushrooms that grow right beneath the surface of the ground in forests. France produces most of this delicacy and exports it to other countries.

A man named Dufour invented these sweets in the latter part of 1895 in Chambery, France. He later opened a confectionery shop in London from where the popularity of these sweets spread to other nations. Today, the Europeans, Americans and Swiss have their own versions of these gourmet chocolates.

European assortments are mainly made with syrup and a base of cocoa power, milk powder, fats and other ingredients. Swiss varieties of sweets are made by melting chocolates in a mixture of boiling dairy cream and butter and then set in molds to harden before sprinkling cocoa powder on the outer layer.

The American version is shaped like an egg and consists of a combination of milk and dark chocolate truffles. Coconut oil or butterfat is added to make the chocolates hard. In Canada, Canadians add peanut butter and graham crackers to their assortment. American and European varieties of sweets last longer than Swiss ones which have to be eaten immediately.

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