An convenient Chicken Fried Rice Recipe

By Eera Nayash

When you are nicely versed with cooking and that too especially with the chicken fried rice dish, it really is incredibly a lot obvious that you simply is going to be properly versed with diverse kinds of fried rice recipes within a very brief span. The chicken fried rice recipe might be followed by making use of the distinct recipes of the Chinese fried rice recipe. There are quite a few distinctive kinds of the chicken fried rice recipe but you could get started by understanding the easiest and simplest 1 amongst them. You are able to experiment a whole lot using the chicken fried rice recipe.

Ingredients and process of cooking chicken fried rice recipe It is possible to commence making a note of the ingredients and also the method of ways to prepare the chicken fried rice recipe. All you need for the preparation of chicken fried rice is 300gms of chicken which is left over or else cooked that's chicken breasts in 2 numbers which is already cut into strips. 300gms of fried rice is required as that is the key ingredient in this dish, 50gms of snow peas that are cut inside the shape of sticks, 1 small carrot which ought to be cut into sticks, 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil and 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon dark soy sauce, corn flour 1 teaspoon and chicken powder just half teaspoon which is an optional ingredient.

Now start with the process of the preparation of chicken fried rice recipe. Mix the chicken well with the soy sauce and keep it aside for a while. Now take a wok and heat it until smoke is formed and then add oil. Swirl the wok after adding the oil so that the oil gets spread and now let the oil get heated.

Add the carrot and the snow peas pieces too and mix them well for 2mins. Allow them to get cooked. Now add the cooked chicken into the wok and mix well with the vegetables. Add soy sauce to this mixture and stir it frequently so that it gets absorbed in the mixture.

Mix the corn flour with the water and pour that mix into the wok. Stir that mix very well. Now add the chicken powder for taste and divide both the rice and the chicken into four. Put the chicken that is fried over the rice. If you feel that the rice is cold add it to the wok again and heat it until the chicken is also heated.

Some much more suggestions in preparing the chicken fried rice recipe You may use some ideas of your own while preparing the chicken fried rice recipe. This is due to the fact always having the same kind of fried rice can get a little boring. You can add some much more items like meat, pork, beef and also some sea food like shrimp and prawns inside the fried rice to bring a completely different dimension towards the fried rice dish.

Chicken fried rice recipe will have ingredients belonging to the place where the dish originated. The outcome of the chicken fried rice recipe will be best only if it is fried properly and this is also based on the seasoning that is used to give it the best of flavors.

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