6 Energy Enhancing Foods for A Real Man

By Simon Fairless

The top Six foods that can be used to make you a superman because they can enhance your stamina naturally.

1 "Oysters"

Everyone has heard the rumor that oysters considered an aphrodisiac, frequently because of the texture and appearance of the shellfish. Scientists giggled at this till they realized that oysters are stuffed with Zinc, a nutrient imperative for a man's reproductive function. Nonetheless if you plan to eat them raw make sure that they're fresh and prepared properly.

2 "Mackerel and Salmon"

The joy of bedroom fun all revolves around stimulation of the nervous system, and Omega-3 fatty acids make your nerve system function better. Fish like Mackerel and Salmon are packed full of Omega-3. It also enhances circulation, which is critical for both male and female stamina enhacement.

3 "Vegetables and Fruit"

Vegetables and fruit are great sources of nutrients and vitamins that are needed if you'd like to truly go for a "marathon session" in bed. They're also full of water and straightforward to digest, so they'll keep all your muscles lubricated and prepared for action. A further benefit is they are low fat, so in the long term they help stop heart problems and erectile dysfunction. One additional tip; the less you cook the veggies the more nutriments they retain, so eat some lightly steamed veggies and let the games begin.

4 "Asparagus"

Although this will fall under the Fruit and Plant class, asparagus is so beneficial to your well-being that it merits its own reason. Asparagus is extremely rich in vitamin E, which is shown to stimulate the production of testosterone in you. Testosterone promotes muscular growth, endurance, and overall confidence. This wonderful vegetable is excellent for increasing the stamina of both women and men.

5 "Lager and Wine"

Consuming a few cups of wine or lager once in a while can be very good for your heart health. If your heart is not healthy then everything else will suffer including staying power in the bedroom. Wine also has lots of antioxidants which may enhance your general health and help to prevent prostate problems. Naturally there is also the relaxation and the decreasing inhibitions that may be very beneficial in the bedroom. Just do not go overboard or you will be snoring beside an exceedingly upset lady.

6 "Bananas"

Bananas can provide both men and women quick energy and they offer the body potassium to regulate heartbeat, nerves and blood pressure. Eat one banana before you exercise or before bedroom activity can greatly enhance your stamina and endurance.

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