Your Questions about Pulling and Torching a Meringue Frosting

By Drew Danson

There are so many ways that you can use a lighter in the kitchen. In fact, it is so useful and versatile that you should always keep a quality one in your accessories drawer. In fact, that lighter can be used in numerous ways for baking, cooking meats and even cooking desserts. One such use has to do with a meringue frosting. Did you know that you can pull and torch a meringue to create a whole new taste and flavor? Many people do not realize it, but meringue is not just useful for pies. It can also be used on cakes. When you pull and torch a meringue, it will take on a flavor very similar to a marshmallow when it is toasted. This is an interesting flavor for a cake.

Once you have baked your cake, you will need to frost it with the meringue. Because meringue tends to stiffen quite quickly, you will want to do this part when you have time to work quickly and efficiently. Using the spatula, immediately apply your meringue to the cake. Many people may try to frost the cake slowly and neatly. However, for this process, you will not want to do that. Instead, you will want to work fast and in a bit of a sloppy manner. If you over work the meringue, it will not set well.

After you have placed the meringue on your cake, you can get started pulling and torching it. In this step, the quicker you can work the better. This is because meringue will start to stiffen and set in a matter of minutes. All you need to do to pull the meringues is press your fingers into it and then pull them away. When you do this, the meringue will create various shaped peaks all over the cake. You want them to be uneven and different for a unique look.

Finally, turn your butane lighter on medium-high. Avoid too strong of a flame, but the flame does not need to be weak. Then, with an even sweep, move the flame over the meringue. Keep the actual flame about an inch from the frosting. You will want to do this all over the cake and you will see the meringue brown slightly.

Pulling and torching a meringue frosting is a great way to add a new flavor and a visual interest to any cake. The process is quite simple if you know how to use a lighter to torch your meringue.

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