Using a Butane Lighter to Caramelize Sugar

By Drew Danson

There are so many uses for the torch lighter in your kitchen. Once you make the purchase for this kitchen accessory, you will be surprised at just how often you will use it and just how many ways it can be used. Caramelized sugar is something that is used in many desserts. This process creates a sweet, golden brown sugar crust that is found on many desserts like Crme Brulee. You may have thought that this type of process is something you cannot do on your own. However, with the right butane lighter, you can easily create these expert desserts. Here is what you need to know about the process.

To start with, you need to understand your butane lighter. You need to make sure you choose a lighter that can be controlled. You need to pick one that will allow you to set the flame to low, and you should leave it on low the whole time you are caramelizing the sugar. If you set the flame too high or you do not have an option for setting it, then you may accidentally scorch the sugar. When you are using the lighter, you will want to keep it about an inch or two from the sugar itself and you will want to keep it in steady sweeps over the sugar so that you can keep the browning even.

What kind of sugar should I use? It is important for you to get the right sugar in order to caramelize it properly. You should never try to use brown sugar. Because it is quite moist, brown sugar will not caramelize. Instead, you will want a fine grain, white sugar. If all you have access to is standard grain sugar, then simply place it in a good processor and grind it down. This will make the perfect consistency.

Finally, you need to know how to tell when the process is done. The sugar will start to bubble and then it will turn a light caramel brown color. When this happens, you will know it is done. Do not continue using the butane lighter or you will burn the sugar. You want it to stay even all over.

Caramelizing sugar is a useful process using your lighter. It can be used on many desserts, including crme Brulee. If you are interested in doing this, all you need to do is follow he answers you have read above.

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