Kopi Luwak For Sale On The Internet

By Eleanor Thompson

Those who love coffee are generally in agreement that the unique Southeast Asian variety which many call Civet Coffee, is the best tasting that money can buy. While this is subjective, one thing is for certain; it is the world's most expensive coffee. The only place to find kopi luwak for sale is from a dealer on the Internet.

Harvested throughout the rich, tropical Indonesian archipelago, this high-priced coffee costs more to produce with less output than any other coffee on Earth. One reason is the lengthy amount of time and effort spent on preparing the beans.

The preparation that takes place prior to the roasting the bean would have to be one of the most fascinating of all. A small mammal, called the Asian Palm Civet eats the young beans. These beans do not become digested and break down, but absorb the stomach enzymes on their way through. Experts on the drink say that this is what gives the drink its unique texture and addictive taste.

The lengthy process continues while the high-priced coffee coffee beans are hand-collected from the animal's droppings and cleaned numerous times. Once clean, they are placed in the sun for a period of time until they lose all of their moisture. The sun-dried beans are only roasted for a short time, which helps them keep their strong flavors.

Once that step is completed, the roasted beans are ready to be packed away and shipped off to five-star hotels and the most exclusive restaurants around the globe, where the elite and a few dedicated coffee lovers sample the most sought-after blend in the world.

Kopi luwak for sale is a lot pricier than a typical mocha. For that reason, the majority of coffee shops around the country do not sell the drink, with the best place to find the beans at a number of websites. Buyers are advised to request a copy of authenticity proving the beans are real.

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