Broiling & Barbecuing can be Helped with Olive Oil

By Michael Josephs

One of the world's favorite food additives is the ubiquitous olive oil. It is a light and easy to use and store liquid that is mixed with many types of foods; it also is well known to travelers having many uses in salad dressings and many more.

Olive oil can add moisture to dry foods and reduce the acidity of those foods that need it. Additionally, it can be utilized in any form of baking from frying to barbecuing. Of course using the best quality oil for the particular cooking style adds untold flavor to the food.

Standing out from others, Spanish olive oil is well known globally as the highest quality oil in existence. Oil of this type is of ancient lineage on the peninsula; benefiting from the wars, migrations and trade that connected the ancient world to the near east and beyond the olive plant would eventually make its way to the new world.

Of course the genesis of the plant itself is a riddle that may never be solved. The area that modern Iran covers or even the territories of modern day Egypt are all considered as possible homeland for the wonderful olive.

Clearly, the historical record shows the temple priests used the olive oil in Egyptian ceremonies several thousand years ago. Back then they used techniques to extract the oil that form the basis of modern means of doing the same.

Many different regions and peoples have utilized the oil in their alimentation and ceremonies from the Southern Europeans to the North Africans to the Near Eastern cultures. The organic process by which olive oil spread found an easy host in these cultures by which it could propagate and diversify even further.

Historical legends surrounding its use include the account found in Judges, the mythological tale between Neptune, Minerva and Jupiter and the Spanish Adamic legend. However, it is to the Spanish people that the world owes its diffusion since they had cultivated and traded it since the days of the Romans.

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