The Benefits of Red Wine

By Nia Lawrence

It is common to see a red grape variety called Shiraz in the vineyards of South Africa, California, the south of France and Australia. These are just some of the places on earth where the flavorful Shiraz red wines are made. However, before one can enjoy the spicy, tannic and full flavor of this red wine, either as a variety or a component of other wines, the aging process has to be allowed to bring out the best in Shiraz. It's only then when one can enjoy this wine as a drink, a dish ingredient and as a disease inhibitor.

Many people equate wine to something that is served during special occasions or what the French use as a water substitute when they have their meals. This is why it's not really surprising to see people's jaws drop when they hear that wines can be used in cooking dishes, too. When certain ways are followed, the cooked dishes can become savory. But, if steps are not followed, instead of having a dish full of taste, one might end up having a meal that tastes like a glass of alcoholic beverage has been poured on it.

Then, what are the ways to be employed in order for wines to enable dishes to be more flavorful and not taste like a glass of wine or alcohol has been accidentally spilled on it? The first rule is to never add the wine a minute or less before serving or plating it. It has to simmer along with the food or the sauce during the cooking process. It is, likewise, suggested that wine be added little by little, with at least 10 minutes of interval between adding it. Also make sure that you don't add much of it for its taste may overpower the taste of the dish as a whole.

In addition to being a flavor enhancer, red wines in general, including Shiraz wines, are believed to be good for the health. They contain polyphenols that medical experts consider as something that helps lining the blood vessels of the heart. Resveratrol is one of the many polyphenols in red wines that is said to reduce bad cholesterol and blood clots. In addition to that, it is said that it also prevents obesity and diabetes, which can strongly affect a person's heart as well.

One doesn't have to be a wine connoisseur or a chef in order to appreciate red wine. With all the things that a red wine can do, there is no denying that it is versatile. They don't only satisfy our palates when we drink them and make our dishes savory; they protect our hearts, too.

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