Making People Closer to Whisky

By Lilly S. Fonte

This post may have been entitled 'Forcing whisky on your mates!' but thankfully we agreed upon something more low key. We had been sharing tips on how to introduce people to whisky (those who find themselves of the legal age to drink obviously). What's the best dram to assist a fresh whisky drinker get a feel for it, and indeed should you start with something subtle or perhaps begin in the deep end?

This whole debate started after we were dealing with the whole ice, water or as it is question which we brought up in the post how to drink whisky. Another argument that may never be settled (and I still claim that it doesn't matter). I even found myself in what sort of glass might be best to serve the whisky in to interest the eyes of the victim...err....What I'm saying is new whisky drinker.

But every one of these questions are maybe too much and may be the simplest way to scare someone from what can sometimes been seen as aloof drink coveted by stuffy old scrotes. No offense meant to the old scrotes naturally (my wife tells me I am one). Sometimes though it could be best to point the newest whisky drinker to a report on your favorite drinks from different regions or price brackets and provides them a summary of good blogs (click for our list of whisky blogs) to enable them to get a good set of opinions.

Another thing I actually prefer to bear in mind is the fact that my first whisky was not 40 year old single malt, but a low priced Tesco blend. Yes, it was rough, very rough, but I am still here and it only helped me want to find better bottles and initiate being familiar with the drink.

Talking a bit about how whisky is created is also something worth doing especially since the initial steps are quite similar to the production of beer (something which most drinkers have tried). Many that are new to the drink are also amazed at the aging process, which also helps to put the price into perspective.

Perhaps you have introduced anyone to whisky? If so how did you do it and how did it go?

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