Catering Companies Use The Best Cookware

By Peter Smith

Catering companies are involved in providing the conveniences of a restaurant in different locations. The challenges facing catering companies are manifold, especially if the location of the party is not ideal to cooking and serving good food - such as beaches and gardens, where the elements play a key factor in the success of the party. One of the greatest challenges catering companies face regularly is serving an enormous amount of food to a big group. The amount of preparation entailed in cooking a lot of food is successfully undertaken by catering companies because they invest in the best cookware.

High quality meals and services are the focus of every catering company. Towards this end, the catering industry abides by the highest hygiene standards in food preparation. The standards are comprehensive and cover everything from the cleanliness of the staff to the kind of cookware used to cook the meals. Catering companies are expected to provide good food and an ambience that matches those offered by restaurants. In order to accomplish this, these companies pay much attention to the details in the kitchen, starting with the cookware.

Any chef will tell you that the right pot can make or break the dish. This is why catering companies take pains in gearing up their kitchen with the best cooking equipment they can afford. Cookware is a big factor in preparing good food in big quantities.

Cookware can be loosely categorized either as traditional (which includes stainless steel with an aluminum core) or non-stick. Each type has its own pros and cons but most experts prefer traditional stainless cookware wrapped around an aluminum core because it heats up evenly and does a superior job in making food brown evenly. The downside is that food like eggs tend to stick on stainless steel surfaces if fat is not added. Stainless steel also discolors when heated to temperatures beyond 500 degrees. Stainless steel is an alloy of pure steel and chromium, which is what gives it the characteristic luster. This is why it is different from ordinary carbon steel which is notorious for rusting quickly when it comes into contact with food. Carbon steel needs to be seasoned or treated properly before it can be used successfully in the kitchen. Stainless steel does not rust easily, which is why the catering industry prefers to use cookware and kitchen equipment made from stainless steel.

Many experts frequently recommend stainless steel cookware, but many home cooks prefer nonstick cookware, which prevent food from clinging and allows for cooking with minimal fat. Non stick cookware is not as durable as stainless steel and its coating tends to wear off over time. But there have been many innovations in the production of non stick cookware and today we see celebrity chefs using them. But for now, stainless steel reigns supreme in the kitchens of most catering companies that want to be assured that they will get the best value for their cookware investment

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