How to Make Teeth Yellow Being White

1. Wood CharcoalActually, wood charcoal is also very effective to clean the yellow stains on the teeth, but this material is dangerous because it can permanently damage the mail and causes pain in the tooth. Therefore, you should not try.

2. Lemon and SaltYou can get bright white teeth using a paste made from a few drops of lemon juice mixed with a pinch of salt. Apply the paste to the teeth and gently rub it like when you're brushing your teeth. This will help remove rust stains on the tooth surface.

3. Orange peelBrush your teeth with a part in orange peel. Orange peel contain bleaching agents that are very soft, which will help remove rust stains on the teeth without harming enamel.

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5. BayTake six bay leaves, then drying in the sun until dry and crisp. Puree the sixth bay leaves, then add orange peel powder. Rub this mixture to your teeth every day, then certainly within two weeks you will get natural white teeth.

6. StrawberryStrawberries are not just a delicious fruit to enjoy. Besides rich in vitamin C, strawberries are also known to have properties to clean teeth. Though sweet, strawberries are not harmful to dental health. Instead, this fruit can actually help remove rust stains on the teeth and make it a brilliant white.

7. Apple Cider Vinegar and WhiteApple juice and white vinegar are also very effectively removes rust stains on the teeth, because they contain bleaching agents that help remove the stain quickly. However, both these materials is very hard, so use on a daily basis will cause damage to the lining of the email. In addition, it was also very bitter.

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