On Finding the Best Wine Club

By Tiffany Stefalo

If you are in the constant company of wine lovers and worried about feeling left out of the trend, worry no more. All one needs to go is invest a little bit of money and a little bit of time into the best wine club they can find on the web. Sound like a familiar spiel? Seem like a waste of money? Well, let those delusions be a thing of the past.

Wine clubs offer many resources. The few, though, are still pretty basic in scope.

Firstly, the best wine club will give you informed recommendations about what foods wine should be served beside. That is to say a white zinfandel may complement a white fish, while a red port may complement a red piece of meat. These tricks will go far if you're having dinner guests and want them to enjoy their meals!

Secondly, the best wine club will also give a review of the wine culture that exists in restaurant. Not many people fully understand the different atmospheres between drinking wine with friends and under the public eye. If you are out with a crowd and order a bottle of wine, three things are going to happen. Your server will approach you and offer you the cork. Then he or she will offer you a taste of the wine. If, and only if, the wine is acceptable to you who is speaking on behalf of the table, then the server will finish pouring the others' glasses. If not, the server will take it away. Bet you didn't realize the power just ordering the wine brought.

With regard to the way in which wine is served abroad, in say France, the situation differs a little. For example, there, wine is found all over. Only the wine served isn't about how impressive the price is, it's about what experience the wine is offering.

A part of the reason France is so abundant with wine drinkers is because of what it represents. In their country, it isn't about finding the most expensive bottle or showing off one's ability to name the finest wines. Instead it is about the experience of wine.

The experience of wine is the feeling evoked in others and in yourself in the moment you are having it. It is about forming a bond with the liquid, not something superficial. It doesn't matter if you are drinking alone with your dinner, or out in about in lively revelry. The point is wine can be shared at any time. And, since the wine is shared so often, people don't rely on expensive bottles with every serving. Instead, the take the inexpensive wines that are best and use them as they were meant to be.

What the best wine club out there can do, however, is let you get the best of both worlds. It is a club that can ship recommended bottles out for you to try, which are both worthwhile and cheaper than what most wine merchants post.

By getting on board with the best wine club around, you ensure your place in the conversation next time, but, more importantly, you expand your understanding of wine. You learn the experience, and you get to embrace it, rather than argue how much it's supposedly worth.

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