How Much Coffee Do You Drink Each Day?

By Patrick Chapman

Someone found the seed of the Coffea plant hundreds or possibly thousands of years ago and decided to cook it and then add it to water to make what we know of as coffee today, but finding a reliable history for coffee is proving tricky. However one thing you can be certain about is that no matter what the history of coffee is, then we have all grown to love it. I know you have to take facts on the internet with a pinch of salt, but apparently we drink nearly 2 billion cups of coffee per day around the globe.

It is consumed in almost every country around the world to a greater or lesser degree, but certainly the Western countries seem to be the largest consumers of the drink. Brazil remains the world's largest producer with an annual production of over 2 million tonnes of the seeds known commonly as coffee beans, with countries like Colombia and Vietnam lagging far behind.

Coffee has a very rich and unique taste which is part of why it is so popular, and there are lots of different varieties for people to try too, but I am forced to admit that the fact it contains a lot of caffeine is also a driving force behind its popularity. You often hear people saying how they can't get started in the morning without their cup of coffee or how they struggle in the afternoons without some coffee to keep them going. Some of the effect will just be a placebo from the fact that is their normal routine, but caffeine has a very real effect on us.

Caffeine is actually a drug, and a stimulant at that, after it enters our body then it sets about stimulating adrenaline production to make us feel alert. Adrenaline just forces your body to work harder though, which means after it wears off then you are even more tired than before, which means you feel the need to drink more coffee to get more caffeine and start the process again. Of course there are decaffeinated coffees that you can try if you don't like the effect caffeine has on your body, however some people claim the process which they use to remove the caffeine can affect the taste.

Coffee machines have soared in popularity over the past 10 years, and they are now a firm fixture in most kitchens. You might want to go for a larger machine if you have a large family, some machines can produce 8 cups or more which means there is enough for everyone, or there are machines which give you one cup at a time. If you want a coffee maker then there is a lot of choice right now, maybe a bit too much choice! However if you are going for a 1 cup coffee machine then try the Keurig B60 which is expensive at around $150 but is incredibly popular. If making one cup at a time seems tedious to you then instead you could go for a Cuisinart machine. They make some really nice machines which are incredibly popular and can make 8 cups or more per time.

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