Have an Enjoyable Day with Your Kids

By Reut Nir

Today we live in a consuming society, a society of abundance. As a result we all eat more than we need as food is one of pleasures in life. Candies and sweets also play a big role in our nutrition. Not only children need their sugar injection but also many adults are addicted to products that are sugar based such as chocolate, candies, ice cream etc. For kids, the sweet that is their favorite is usually a candy. Candies can be their ultimate treat to an extent that they will be willing to give up on real food and eat candies all day.

The real star of the candies is definitely the lollipops. The lollipops have always been the favorite candy for kids as it take sometime to eat it all and since it is part of the fun to hold it and lick it. Not many people know that it is possible to make a lollipop at home and use it to spend a day with your kids at home. Also, you choose the ingredients so you can make sure there are no harmful food colorings.

As mentioned, sweets are a big part of kid's life; it surrounds them just about everywhere, in the kindergarten, in school, in parties and birthdays etc. They just seem to Attract candies. If you as a parent want to control what your kid eats but still give him/her a sweet, you should know that you can make the candies at home and thus determine which materials to use and also have an enjoyable day with them.

The basic molds are very easy to use but are flat and less interesting as you can not insert too many materials and make it versatile. However, if it is the first time you make candies, you should definitely start with the basic molds until you will learn how to succeed with the basic lollipops.

The more sophisticated molds are the 3d molds that can consist more content and material and. However, it is a bit more complicated to use them and requires more skills and experience.

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