What Are the Three Main Reasons to Try a Big Brand of Champagne

By Nathan Hall

In the world of fine beverages, champagne is the king of all drinks. The bubbly effect discovered half a century ago was considered to be a mistake but it turned out as a real blessing, and today that same sparkling effervescence is finely produced by the greatest champagne brands in the world. In this article we're going to write about some top quality champagne and three primary reasons why you should taste a famous champagne brand yourself.

1. Cheesy champagne doesn't worth the money. Buying cheap champagne can be a solution if you have a small budget and lots of people coming; but if you want a quality champagne party never settle with a cheap champagne, and we're going to tell you why. Most low quality cheap champagnes are not made using the traditional champenoise method, rather they are fermented in massive tanks under pressure and heat to speed up the operation, so the fermentation isn't natural. The bubbles are acquired by injection of carbon dioxide rather than a authentic double fermentation process. Coloring agents and aromas are brought in a subsequent phase, and consist of artificial substances.

2. Famous champagne brands produce solely genuine champagne. This means you'll get the original champagne made with the three traditional grape varieties found in France exclusively using the champenoise method which is the established method developed in the Champagne-Ardenne region in France. In 1531, the Benedictine monks discovered the sparkling wine. It became a custom of the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, because here the grape vines don't rippen to the full so they contain less sugar and have higher levels of acidity. Adding sugar to a complete wine to produce a second fermentation stage creates the sparkly effect in champagne. The scents of genuine champagne are exquisite and the bubbles are tinier and don't expire as fast as in carbonated drinks. Also the champagne is fermented inside the bottle for a greater quality, rather than in a huge industrial tank.

3. Having a famous champagne bottle on your table speaks about your persona. Big branded champagnes have a significance and symbolize certain things. An example would be Louis Roederer's Cristal champagne which symbolizes wealth and extravagance for hip-hop stars. When you have a big branded champagne like Krug, Perrier-Jouet, Heidsieck, Dom Perignon and others, people will relate that with finesse, good taste, style, wealth, quality and having high standards. That's the image you want to pull off if you want to make a difference.

Remember that purchasing famous champagne brands is not just for the rich people, since everybody has the right to savor a great champagne. Do it from time to time over the year; value and serve yourself with the most noble drink in the world. Choose your favorite champagne brand and let's toast. Cheers!

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