Watch Your Diet And Drink Healthful Juices With Juice Separators

By Lakisha Stephen

Getting great tasting nutritious drinks have been made easier today with juice separators. These are electric machines used for the extraction of juice from fruits and vegetables. Juicers have been made very popular today with the number of benefits derived from drinking fresh fruit or vegetable juices-aside from the fact that the juice tastes so good.

Juice separators, as was aforementioned are a great way of getting healthy, and great tasting drinks. These appliances are especially preferred by health conscious individuals as it is done with fresh, raw vegetables and fruits, hence, none of nutrients and vitamins are lost by heating and no sugars or additives are added. But how does one use a juicer? Just like any other appliance, juicers should be used according to instructions of the manufacturer. Nonetheless, there are general steps that one should know in using juicers.

The first step in using juice separator is the selection of the fresh produce that is to be juiced. Then, selected fruits and vegetables should be cleaned thoroughly by gently washing and removing stickers and stems. Next, if need be, inedible skin should be peeled. Then, the cleaned produced should be cut into small pieces that can fit into the juicers opening. These pieces can then be dropped into the juice separator where they will be juiced according to the instructions provided by the appliance's manufacturer.

With the popularity of these machines today, there are a number of juice separators now available in the market. Nonetheless, there are only three general types of juicers: centrifugal, masticating, and hydraulic press juicers. Juicers that extract juice from the pulp of fresh produce with the use of cutters that shred food into small pieces that are spun in a basket are called centrifugal juicers. The drawback of these machines though is that they create oxidation that degrades nutrients over time; hence, juice created from these types of machines should be drunk immediately. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, are of higher quality than centrifugal ones as these machines extract juice from fruits and vegetables at a slower speed, hence, producing less oxidation and more nutrients. Finally, juicers that make the most nutritious juice from fresh produce are hydraulic press juice separators. These machines produce the littlest oxidation as they work by cutting and grating fruits and vegetables using a vortex triturator. These pieces are then place under a hydraulic press where juice will be extracted.

The popularity of juice separators can be attributed to the many benefits that can be derived from drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices. First is that fruit and vegetable juices are a great tasting and nourishing alternative to vitamins as fruit and vegetables contain fiber and protein respectively, that are normally absent in vitamin pills. Additionally, natural fibers in the juice aid our food absorption and help our bodies get rid of toxins. Also, drinking fruit and vegetable juices allow individuals, especially kids who are not extremely partial to consuming fruits and vegetables, to receive the correct dose of daily fruit and vegetable servings. Finally, juicing is a great way of receiving essential micro-nutrients and minerals required by the body to remain nutritionally balanced.

Kitchen appliances that can be considered must-haves are juice separators. As was above discussed, these machines can provide not only great tasting refreshments; they are also providing juices that are beneficial to our health. Hence, investing in one of these machines is indeed a great investment.

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