How to Grow Basil Easily

By Lonnie Yeary

Basil is an herb that is certainly well loved by many individuals.

There are many reasons why you ought to love it too. It is among the oldest herbs in the world. Various cultures use it for cooking. It has been used to alleviate illness. It can be used for making scented products and it can drive away pests. The practice of growing basil is easy once you have a basic understanding of the herb. You can grow basil indoors or outdoors. If you grow indoors you can do so all year long.

Make sure the weather is warm before attempting to grow basil outside. The herb prefers a hot weather habitat. The herb will grow best when the average daytime temperatures are above 75 degrees. Basil is a plant that grows best in full sun, but can also manage in partial shade. If you plant basil in an area that has standing water it will shed its leaves.

The process of sowing seed is as easy as sprinkling some seeds across the garden of container. Ensure the seeds make contact with the earth. Good contact with the soil will cause the germination process to start. Some fine soil should be added on top, then make sure the seeds get watered. Make sure the soil stays damp during this time. It will take several days for germination to occur.

As for thinning your seedlings, you can do this when the plants have two pairs of true leaves. It is recommended that basil plants be planted at least twelve inches apart, so thin out the weak ones. If you want to have basil early in the season, start seeds indoors three weeks before the last frost.

Make sure to water basil often but not so much to have standing water. Watering in excess will cause the plant to rot or loose its leaves and will weaken the root system. Never water the leaves of the plant but always at the base.

For best results, fertilize the soil prior to planting or soon after the seedlings start growing. Herbs should only be fertilized once a season and when doing so, be sure to use a complete fertilizer. The ones you find in the store that are meant for gardens you should apply at half-strength. You do not want to damage the leaves with the fertilizer. Apply it to the ground around the base.

Pruning should occur as often as the herb is needed for cooking or weekly. Some people enjoy creating topiaries by pruning herbs in certain ways. To keep the plant from flowering or going to seed you should prune the flowers. The leaves will start to turn bitter when the plant begins to flower. Prune the herb by pinching off stems right above a set of leaves. Once the plant grows several inches it can be pruned. Pruning can occur after the plant is 2-4 inches in height.

Growing basil is as simple as using this advice.

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